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Henderson NV Locksmith Store Henderson, NV 702-577-3934Have you lost your old keys and need new ones? Henderson NV Locksmith Store is a professional locksmith that can create highly-accurate copy keys in quick time anywhere in the Henderson, NV region. If you’re looking for new high-quality keys to replace your old ones, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can make new keys for homes, cars, and commercial buildings. We also provide a full suite of locksmithing services, including lock fixing and installation.


What can our copy key service do?

We all need new keys made once in a while. Here are some of the top scenarios where our copy key service can help you:

You’ve lost your old keys

Have you lost your old keys or misplaced them? Don’t worry; we can get you new ones! Our locksmiths can take a look at your lock and make you a new key by using key blanks. We have access to key codes/lock model database that lets us create new keys without needing original ones for many popular lock models.

You need back up keys

Do you need to share your property with your family or friends, and need to do so urgently? Our locksmiths can make you copy keys in a matter of minutes, just call us!

Your key is broken in the lock

Sometimes, it’s possible or a key to bend and break inside a lock. If that has happened to you, our locksmiths can help you out. We will extract the key for you, without hurting the lock in any way, and make you new keys on the spot.

The fob has fallen off your transponder key

The plastic fob on your car keys has a special chip embedded in it – if it falls off, your car won’t start! Henderson NV Locksmith Store’s locksmiths can replace it with a new one, and reprogram it. We can also make you new car keys.

High-quality keys made

We can make both handcrafted keys and high-security laser-cut keys. In the case of handcrafted keys, our locksmiths are very well trained and only churn out highly-accurate, precision-engineered keys. We also have the advanced machinery necessary to create transponder keys – in a matter of minutes.

24 hr emergency keys

Our copy key service is at your disposal 24/7. We don’t charge you extravagant rates for new keys, even if you require them to be made in the middle of the night.

Need a copy key made quickly? Call us now on 702-577-3934