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We use file cabinets to store our precious business or personal documents, like expansion plans, employee information, work information, home papers, and the like. It’s important that you secure your file cabinet against nosey colleagues, your kids, and threats like thieves or vandals. If you need new file cabinet locks in Henderson, NV, you can contact Henderson NV Locksmith Store. We carry a large number of locks in our inventory. We can install new ones for you – depending on the file cabinet brand you are using – or replace/repair your old ones.

As a professional locksmith, here are the services we can provide to file cabinet owners: 

Installing new file cabinet locks

We can install new high-security locks on your cabinet, including electronic or mechanical ones. The most popular types of locks we are asked to install include:

  • Henderson NV Locksmith Store Henderson, NV 702-577-3934Electronic locks
  • Tubular cylinder locks
  • Cam locks
  • Sliding teeth locks
  • Lock bars

The exact style of lock you need will depend on your cabinet and your particular requirements. If you’re not sure about the kind of locks you need to get, our locksmiths can be consulted for free – we’ll send a team over to your location and hand you some suggestions after inspecting your cabinet.

Repairing file cabinet locks

Has something gone wrong with your file cabinetlocks? We can repair it for you, if so. We have the tools necessary to do the job in quick time.

Unlocking file cabinet locks

Do you have trouble opening your file cabinet? Our locksmiths can do it for you. Not only can we open stuck locks, we can also attempt to repair the door itself.

Rekeying file cabinet locks

Some of our customers want to open all their file cabinet locks with a single key. In such cases, we can rekey all the locks on your file cabinet for you – provided they are compatible with the procedure. It’s much more convenient to use a single key to open all your file cabinets. We can also make duplicate keys for your locks on-site in a matter of minutes.

24-hour emergency locksmith service

You can engage our services 24/7, at affordable prices. Our locksmith team can reach all areas of Henderson and nearby regions in 30 minutes, usually, and we don’t need much time after that to get our work done. We

Do you need new file cabinet locks in Henderson, NV? Contact Henderson NV Locksmith Store now on 702-577-3934