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What happens when any of the locks in your home jam and stop working? Locks are what keep you safe from external threats like thieves and vandals. It’s important that you look after them well by regularly maintaining them- and by getting them repaired or replaced as soon as you can when they break. If you need help with home lock-related trouble in the Henderson, NV area, you can call Henderson NV Locksmith Store for immediate assistance. We are a quality, professional residential locksmith that has handled countless problems for the residents in the community over the years. Our expert locksmiths are capable of handling a wide array of problems, and our service is affordably priced. 

Why do customers choose Henderson NV Locksmith Store?

We provide emergency service 24/7

Our customers contact us at the oddest times. Indeed, any reliable residential locksmith service cannot afford to be off-duty even at night – our customers could need us then, after all. We provide emergency 24 hour locksmithing services to Henderson and surrounding areas. You can hire us when you need us, at your convenience.

Our experts can handle any lock & key concern

Henderson NV Locksmith Store’s residential locksmith service is geared to handle all kinds of problems and requests. Here is an overview of our most popular services requested by home owners:

  • Henderson NV Locksmith Store Henderson, NV 702-577-3934Lock repair
  • Lock replacement
  • Lock rekeying
  • New high-security keys
  • Key duplication
  • Broken key extraction
  • Locks installed on garages, windows, and mailboxes
  • File cabinet unlocked
  • Safe unlocked
  • New home doors
  • New garage door installation

Our residential locksmiths can even assist with residential lockouts. If you need us to let you back inside your property in quick time, call us!

We provide high-security locks

Thieves tend to be smart these days, and are equipped with high-security tools that allow them to short work of most locks. Henderson NV Locksmith Store carries advanced locks from the best manufacturers in the business that can give you maximum protection against external threats. We carry durable, highly-resistant electronic and mechanical locks in your inventory that are suitable for a wide range of budgets.

We offer a doorstep service

Henderson NV Locksmith Store is a mobile residential locksmith – that means you don’t have to come to us, we will come to you. Our mobile locksmith vans are capable of reaching all areas of Henderson, NV, and we generally get there in as little as 30 minutes.

Call us now on 702-577-3934